Coronavirus procedures

Dear Patients
We are delighted to tell you that our office is now open!

The world has changed so much since we were compelled to close in late March. We’ve all had to learn to distance ourselves from those outside our households and to understand how important it is to keep on top of washing our hands regularly – with or without the singing!
And so now, as we begin to open our offices and start to treat patients again, we’ve had to make some changes to protect you, to protect us and our staff as well.
Things now look very different at our offices. We’ve completely revamped our reception area and moved our lovely receptionists into a separate room and given them a protective glass screen to sit behind. Our seating area is now almost devoid of chairs and we’ve made other big changes too. When you visit you’ll find our wonderful chiropractors wearing their new scrubs, facemasks and other items of PPE. Although you won’t be able to see the whole of their faces, be assured that they will do their very best to radiate their usual kindness and compassion. The mask is there as a very visible sign of their concern for you. They wear it to offer you protection from risk.
For the time being when you visit us we are going to ask you to:-

  • Give us a call when you arrive outside our building. We ask that you don’t enter our offices until we give you a call to ask you to come in.
  • Once you enter the building and before coming in to the office please use the hand sanitiser that is by the entrance.
  • We will not be asking you to change into a gown or robe before your appointment, so please dress in loose or stretchy clothes. We would also really appreciate it if you could wear a mask of cloth facecovering. You won’t feel daft because we’ll be wearing them too.
  • At the end of your appointment we’ll ask you to head back to the reception area to pay and book a future appointment. Just for the time being, we’ll ask you to pay by contactless methods – card, Apple pay or similar.
  • Much as our friendly receptionists ordinarily love chatting to you, just for now we’re going to ask that you don’t loiter as we try and ensure that your path doesn’t cross with other patients.
  • It goes without saying really, but we would ask you not to visit our offices if you have any of the symptoms of COVID. We will happily reschedule your appointment if you are unable to attend for this, or any other reason.
  • Finally, we’d ask that only the person having the treatment comes to the office. Just at the moment we have no space to accommodate friends or family to wait safely. Of course, if you are bringing a child for treatment then they will need to be accompanied by one adult.

We hope that you will appreciate that all of these changes are meant to ensure your safety and that of all our staff, and that this all offers you a great deal of reassurance and the confidence to visit, however we do understand that you may still be a little anxious, or you might have questions and in that case please do pick up the phone and speak to us and we’ll do our very best to help.