Simon Coad

Doctor of Chiropractic

My interest in Chiropractic was sparked by a neck problem which I developed whilst studying at university. After finishing my first degree I then went on to study at Chiropractic College which I graduated from in 1986. I worked in London for five years, then, tiring of city life prompted a move to Galway on the west coast of Ireland where I practiced for four years. The plan was always to return to my home county of Cornwall, so when our first child became due it seemed like the ideal time to move back. Two more children later I’m still here and still loving it. I have worked at the Falmouth Chiropractic Clinic for twenty one years!

Simon's specialisms

I treat people of all ages using quite low force techniques without the clicking and crunching which is usually associated with chiropractic. I also specialise in gentle cranial work for the treatment of babies and children

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Simon's interests

In my spare time I enjoy the Cornish countryside, I surf and white water kayak when I can.

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