Charlotte Jack

Doctor of Chiropractic

Chiropractic has been a part of my life for a very long time. After experiencing chiropractic practice during my work experience week at Duchy Chiropractic when I was 15 years old, I then needed help with my own spinal injury while I was studying Dance at Cornwall College in 2006. It was in the summer after I’d completed my Diploma in Dance that I decided to take the plunge and apply for Chiropractic College in Wales. Very unexpectedly, I got in and I have been enjoying studying the movement of the body in a different way ever since. I have had a strong interest in CranioSacral therapy and the subtle movements of the body, both physical and energetic, since my first year of graduating in 2012 after being prompted to do so in my first Chiropractic position in Aberdeenshire. In 2016 I moved across the world to study chiropractic practice more in Australia, in the tropics of Far North Queensland. It was here, over five years, in the rainforest that I learned a much deeper sense of natural health and natural living with gut health at the heart of it all. I have a keen interest in healthy foods, organic living, sustainable living and using what we have. You will find me outside rain or shine walking my dog, swimming in the sea with my family, or gardening with my cats swishing around my legs and one particular cat sitting on my shoulder. Otherwise, I’ll be inside cooking of course, between spinning my own wool and finding more creative projects to put my hand to.